Michael Kominek - curator's selection of photo-book

This year we invited Michael Kominek for the section of Publications to choose and present the most import photo-books for him.
Misha Kominek was born in Poland in 1971, during the 80’s his family emigrated to Germany and later he moved to Barcelona Spain where he studied at the catalan photography school. After working as a freelance photographer for magazines and newspapers like “El Pais”, “La vanguardia”, Rolling Stone”, “Brand Eins”, “Die Zeit”, he edited in 2002 the cinema magazine “Scope” where he also worked as the photo editor.
Since 2006 Misha Kominek lives in Berlin and works on free documentary projects, between Spain, Germany and Poland.
He is also guest lecturer of the Hartford MFA master of photography program, which is hosted once a year in the space of Kominek Gallery in Berlin.
He regulary curates exhibitions and does portfolios and book reviews for festivals and workshops.
Finally Misha Kominek is head of Kominek Gallery and the Publishing house Kominek Books, specializing in documentary photography. Between the photographers which were exhibited and published by Kominek are Viviane Sassen, Alec Soth, Enrique Metinides, Greg Girard , Rinko Kawauchi and others.
In 2013 Misha Kominek has also published two publications with his own works “First Journey Home” and “Strangers in Paradise”.

“Misha Kominek’s energy is endless, if you look at what he is initiating in the world of photography, as a gallery, a bookshop and a publisher. Next to Schaden and Steidl, he is one of the most important German promoters of photography these days. The book ENRIQUE METINIDES is example. What a publication! And the booklet Polaroids of Africa by Viviane Sassen 2010, wow! Both books are designed by Sybren Kuiper and it is obvious that Kominek knows how to choose superb quality!”
Willem van Zoetendaal

Misha Kominek about his choice:
The selection of books here presented is an overview on recently published titles in the field of modern documentary photography books.
The different types of approaches and forms show multiple posibilities to tell a story just with images.
At the same time the images merge with the materials and designs of the books and start to form an object, which is becomes the final artwork  itself.
The book as an art form replaces more and more the original works on the wall and offers wider posibilities for creation within the field of art and documentary photography.

The list of selected photo-books:

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