Artist's statement
As a documentary photographer,  based in Haarlem, the Netherlands, I work with still and moving images, my own as well as archive material from both public and private collections. Being a (photo)historian graduated in modern African history and documentary photography the focus of my work is the connection between historical and social issues, with an emphasis on Africa and the African Diaspora.

A recurring theme which still inspires is how people deal with the connection between their present, past and future. More often than not the contrast between my own background and that of my subjects constitutes a major part of my narrative and I am often both artist and subject. Fundamental to my approach is to be unconstrained by pre-conceived ideas of the outcome: on the contrary, close collaboration with the subject(s) and other artists allows the story to tell itself and the creative process to be captured.

My primary motivation is a deep felt interest in historical and social issues and specifically how it affects the personal lives of those involved. Photographing, collecting and writing enable me to distil the essence of major issues down to the level of the individual. In this combination of my own input as historian, photographer and writer with that of my subjects and other artists, a coherent and harmonious body of work emerges, despite superficial differences in the topic.

Short c.v.

As a documentary photographer Ben Krewinkel (Maastricht 1975) teaches photography at the School of Journalism in Utrecht and worked four years at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He also works as a curator and book designer working with a.o. Bertien van Manen, Geert van Kesteren, Ringel Goslinga, Koos Breukel, Cynthia Boll, Dana Lixenberg. Currently he is working on two photographic projects and preparing a publication on the changing visual representation of Africa as expressed through the medium of the photobook.

(2010) MA Photographic Studies in Leiden
(2006) FotoAcademie (cum laude) in Amsterdam
(1999) MA modern African history in Amsterdam and Pretoria
(2006) FotoAcademie (cum laude) in Amsterdam

(tba) Il m'a sauvé (He saved me)
(2017) Banjir Banjir (design)
(2014) Looking for M.
(2013) 25 jaar ASKV
(2012) A Possible Life. Conversations with Gualbert (Shortlisted for Dutch Doc 2013)
(2010) The Cocoa Ambassador (foreword)

(2017) 30x30; Group exhibition, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
(2016) Der Greif. A Process 2.0; Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow (Poland)
(2016) Looking for M. (video projection); Making Africa, Centre Civic, Barcelona (Spain)
(2015) Looking for M. (book); Athens Photo Festival, Athens (Greece)
(2015) Looking for M. (book); Encontras da Imagem, Braga (Portugal)
(2015) Looking for M. (book); Photobookweek, Galleri Image, Arhuus (Denmark)
(2014) Il m'a sauvé + A Possible Life; Kominek Gallery Berlin (Germany)
(2013) A Possible Life. (book); TIFF Festival (Poland)
(2013) A Possible Life.; part of Undercover - Dutch Photography Experience project St. Petersburg (Russia)
(2013) A Possible Life.; Dutch Doc, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
(2012) A Possible Life.; CBK Amsterdam Zuidoost (the Netherlands)
(2006) Home Based Care; Part of EFA2006 Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Exhibition design / curator
(2017) The people behind the seawall. Exhibition of work by Cynthia Boll (Watersnoodmuseum Ouwerkerk)
(2015) Camille Lepage, School of Journalism, Utrecht
(2015) 360 cubic metres, Naarden Photofestival May 14 - June 21 2015, Work by Cynthia Boll
(2013) Jan Mot Galerie (Brussels), Solo exhibition Marian Zijlstra
(2012) Travelling exhibition ‘Denk vooruit, kijk achteruit’, Photographers Ringel Goslinga, Geert van Kesteren, Dana Lixenberg and Bertien van Manen.
(2011) 29 Minutes Afghan nurses by Cynthia Boll

(2009-now) Photojournalism / Documentary photography, School of Journalism, Utrecht
(2012-2016) Photography, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

(2017) Essays and talk for Srefidensi project
(2012-now) Essays, interview, reviews and articles for GUP Magazine, Extra Magazine (Photomuseum Antwerp, Source Magazine (Ireland)
(2009-2013) Book reviews foto Photos

Talks / Panel discussions
(2017) Talk on photobooks in Suriname, Fotodok, Utrecht
(2016) Talk on African photobooks, Image Afrique, Basel, Switzerland
(2015) Panel discussion on photojournalism, LagosPhoto, Lagos Nigeria
(2015) Talk on photography, Yabatech College of Art, Lagos, Nigeria
(2014) Bridging Differences - PirccaPractice, talk on work, Academy Minerva, Groningen
(2014) Talk on concerned photography, Studium General, Academy St. Joost, Breda

(2017- ) Member of committee Stadsarchief Amsterdam to award the annual grant of the documentary 'Foto-Opdracht'