Self Publish Riga 2021 I ISSP - Africa in the Photobook


We are excited to announce that from June 1 until July 1 the ISSP Gallery will host the SELF PUBLISH RIGA 2021 exhibition, dedicated to photobooks and self-publishing, one of the main events of Riga Photomonth.

The 2021 edition will be dedicated to travelling the world through books (in times when the freedom of travelling has been limited) and will feature around 150 photobooks: the 2020 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards, Africa in the Photobook (curated by Ben Krewinkel), Nordic Dummy Award (curated by Antonio Cataldo and Adrià Julià) and Latvian (curated by Evita Goze), Lithuanian (curated by Paul Paper), Estonian (curated by Kulla Laas) photobooks, best photobook dummies submitted to the SELF PUBLISH RIGA open call and the installation Glass Strenči in a few words by Anna Volkova and Aleksejs Muraško.
SELF PUBLISH RIGA is organised by ISSP since 2014, programme curator – Evita Goze.
During the exhibition, we will announce the winners of the SELF PUBLISH RIGA 2021 open call.

Watch the video see the tour hosted by Evita Goze 


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