Various writing
Photobook Belge 1854-Now (2018), Contribution to chapter on Belgian Congo.
'An outsiders view', book review on Nothing's in Vain, El Blanco and My Lagos in: Source Magazine Issue 92, Winter 2017
'Nieuwe Perspectieven op (on)bekende verhalen' in Extra Magazine Nr. 22, pp 65-78, winter 2017

Interviews for Africa in the Photobook
Interview with Tamsyn Adams and Sophie Feyder on Commonplace, January 2018
Interview with Julia Runge on Basterland, February 2017
Interview with Andile Buka on Crossing Strangers, November 2016
Interview with David Goldblatt on Some Afrikaners Photographed, October 2009

Essays for Srefidensi (Dutch)
'Koloniale fotografie waarin christelijk superioriteitsgevoel overheerst' over Suriname van Willem van de Poll | Maart 2017

Texts for GUP Magazine (English)
'In Memoriam: David Goldblatt' | Summer 2018
'Jan Hoek: Beyond the cliché of dignity' | Summer 2013
Displacement by Giada Ripa | 28-7-2013
On the unexpected succes of Cristina de Middel's The Afronauts | 25-01-2013
Nothing Special by Richard Avedon and James Baldwin | 3-10-2012
Black & White by Bruce Davidson | 5-9-2012
Afronauts by Christina de Middel | 2-9-2012
Sicarios by Janvier Arcenillas | 29-6-2012
Soho by Anders Petersen | 30-5-2012

Reviews for Photoq (Dutch)
Only in Burundi by Anaïs Lopez | 27-6-2013
Langs de kusten van de Noordzee by Dolph Kessler | 24-3-2013
Liquid  Land by Rena Effendi | 24-3-2013
Goed Volk by Joost van den Broek | 30-11-2012
Retinal Shift by Mikhael Subotzky | 11-11-2012
Museutopia. A Photographic Research Project by Ilya Rabinovich by Ilya Rabinovich | 24-10-2012
Enduring Screbrenica by Claudia Heinermann | 27-9-2012
Swiss Photobooks by Peter Pfrunder| 17-5-2012
Interrogations by Donald Weber | 11-5-2012
From Here to There: Alec Soth's America by Alec Soth | 24-6-2011
Grimaces of the Weary Village by Rimaldas Viksraitis | 20-5-2011
Ernest Cole Photographer by Ernest Cole | 9-4-2011
Photographs 1969-2010 and Dorps by Roger Ballen | 7-4-2011
TJ/Double Negative by David Goldblatt en Ivan Vladislavic | 15-2-2011
Zwelethu Mthethwa by Zwelethu Mthethwa | 21-1-2011
Portret Joost van den Broek by Joost van den Broek | 21-12-2010
The Pleasures of Good Photographs by Gerry Badger | 5-12-2010
The Rape of a Nation by Marcus Bleasedale, Futur Simple by Koen Vidal and Stephan Vanfleteren, Congo Belge en images by Carl de Keyzer and  Congo Belge by Carl De Keyzer | 1-6-2010
Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ‘70s by Ryūichi Kaneko en Ivan Vartanian | 30-4-2010
Shaped by War by Don McCullin | 14-3-2010
Red Journey by Nick Hannes | 17-2-2010
Black Passport by Stanley Greene | 31-1-2010
Art Fairs by Dolph Kessler | 11-1-2010
Indonesiërs in Holland by Leonard Freed | 3-1-2010
Brightside by Jimmy Kets | 10-12-2009

Reviews for Onphotobooks (English)
The Quest for the Man on the White Donkey by Yaakov Israel | 29-09-2012

'My best photographs are the ones I don't understand', interview with Roger Ballen published in GUP Magazine | 9-5-2011

Other articles
'Documentaire als opiniestuk', for Dutch-doc | 12-04-2010

Door de ogen van Berretty (2018). Text and design
'Amsterdam, Accra, Amsterdam', foreword to book The Cocoa Ambassador (2010)

Poor but no longer white (2009) MA Thesis Photographic Studies on the depiction of the poor white population in South African photography.
Een dubbele bevrijding (1999) MA Thesis History on the role of women in the struggle for Mozambique 

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